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Platform to connect user groups and automise business processes

We are offering solutions that embed in the current working environment of the users

Self-Service Business Automation made Easy

Now you do not need to understand another tool to automate your business processes. Instead, we offer solutions that fit into the user’s current work environment. Use your favourite environment to start

* ZIPPYDOC for Cellphone is one of the world’s first data analytic power tools specifically optimized for mobile users

Customize to your Needs

We are offering GitHub integration as GitHub is the most popular marketplace to share and build software.

Tasks published in GitHub are automatically loaded into the ZIPPYDOC Task Gallery, so everyone can access them via ZIPPYDOC for Excel, Mobile or Web

User Groups stay in their favourite environments. Developers still use their software development kits, database experts use their SQL query builders, excel users stay with excel. ZIPPYDOC makes the hard work to connect user groups, so they can focus on what they do best.

The ZIPPYDOC Benefits

Data Analytics

‘Big Data’ analytics software capabilities without the need for extensive training or additional resources or toolsets.

Data Automation

Automate your data analytics management, enabling you to multi-task and enhance your productivity.

Data Sharing

Collaborate more effectively and securely by controlling who can view and make changes to your most critical spreadsheets.

Data Privacy

Assure data privacy and security by limiting visibility of, and access to, sensitive spreadsheet data and tables.

Data Protection

Comply effectively with GDPR, DPA, CCPA, and NYPA regulations.

Data Security

Secure and manage sensitive documents comprehensively, and avoid insecure fixes such as hidden worksheets.