Process Manager

Collaboration Design Plattform

Automize your business processes. Autorun tasks on trigger events. Share data selectively and protected. Automize collaboration between companies, departments and users.

Secure Collaboration with Spreadsheets

Use ZIPPYDOC’s unique capabilities to share your spreadsheets securely with your colleagues and partners in your supply chain.

  • Selectively share rows and columns of your worksheet.
  • The owner sees all rows and columns and defines who can read or edit parts of the dataset.
  • Collaborate with spreadsheets securely, providing different views for different users.
  • No IT knowledge required. The spreadsheet owner defines to whom and what to share.
  • Also available as Excel-Add-In for full convenience.

You need to become registered user to enjoy this feature.

Run tasks on table change

Self service configuration of data flow automization between companies, departments and users. As data provider, you simply register as ZIPPYDOC user (auto-)upload your data and (selectively) share your data with others. As data consumer, you select the data shared with you and define the tasks that shall be executed on data change of the data provider.

Collaborate and Automate with a click of the mouse between Companies, Departments and Users.


You don’t have time? Analysis24 is offering Controlling on demand. Analysis24 is a service of ZIPPYDOC GmbH. We support you to achieve your results quickly and enable you to do it yourself with the ZIPPYDOC platform.