IT Managers

Use ZIPPYDOC as your Data Warehouse

ZIPPYDOC is a Datawarehouse Platform that is using Excel as Frontend-Application for this Data Warehouse. For standard dataflow solutions you can chain powerful tasks that are basically containers of powerful SQL requests. Highly scalable and extendable as our tasks are public source and easy to extend or modify.

Task Marketplace

Many ZIPPYDOC tasks are public source. You are invited to review, post contributions or modifications to existing tasks or create new tasks. Enjoy being a member of a growing community that adds powerful tasks and features to the ZIPPYDOC task marketplace day by day. Feel invited to contribute your own tasks or ideas.


Analysis24 is offering Data Analysis on demand. Analysis24 is a service of ZIPPYDOC GmbH. We support you to achieve your results quickly and enable you to do it yourself with the ZIPPYDOC platform.