Enterprise-Strength Data
Management for Excel

Powerful features for Excel spreadsheets that help you generate new insights and create value without the need for complex databases.

Enhanced Excel Data Management Delivers New Insights

Management and staff are challenged to do more with less, to innovate and to deliver projects under a tight schedule and within budget.

Data management is key to achieving these outcomes by creating new insights, helping to make better-informed decisions, and providing information that builds business confidence.

Excel remains everyone’s ‘go to’ desktop application to solve these problems – and the ZIPPYDOC Excel Addin helps you to do much more with your favourite application.

Excel Addin

Do Much More with Excel

ZIPPYDOC allows you to use Excel normally while giving you access to enhanced functionality found in advanced database management tools, like identifying patterns in complex datasets, or generating impact curves to understand how changes can achieve lasting change to the results of a business.

Share Excel Securely

ZIPPYDOC allows you to share your spreadsheets securely and easily with selected colleagues and with third parties. Select the tables you want them to contribute to while controlling access to those they do not need to change.

Use the audit capabilities in ZIPPYDOC to show who made changes to the data in your Excel spreadsheets quickly and easily.

Save Time with ZIPPYDOC

ZIPPYDOC allows you to combine multiple steps and functions automatically in Excel, so that you can capture, manipulate, structure and output large and complex datasets, using an intuitive interface, that requires no coding skills.

Save Money with ZIPPYDOC

ZIPPYDOC delivers ‘big data’ management capabilities for Excel spreadsheets. Manage, explore and enhance large datasets without having to use costly databases, tools, analytics, and resources.

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