The ZIPPYDOC team combines energy, expertise, creativity and fun to develop innovative and exciting solutions for business challenges. All members of the team are mandated to take ownership of their respective area of competence and to create value for our customers.

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corporate principles

Corporate Principles

ZIPPYDOC has set itself the goal of promoting digitization, sustainability and subsidiarity also through its own company organization. To achieve this, the following corporate principles apply to us:

Jobs are offered globally as a matter of principle
Job offerings do not differ in salary in terms of regions or gender
Jobs do not differ in the hierarchy, but only in roles
The responsibility lies where competence lies
Generated cash flow must not be used for dividends to the shareholder
Surplus funds shall be used for growth

ZIPPYDOCs are Partners

We value our industry partners, using their expertise to enhance our solutions, and offering them new markets and opportunities to develop their own business.

We work with companies across the world to capture their unique perspectives and find new answers to age-old problems.