Controlling and Data Analytic Department

Controlling and Data Analytic Department

Unique & Advanced Functionality for Excel

  • Automated file access across your network & the internet
  • Automated merging of tables of data
  • Automated find & replace data
  • Automated data transposition
  • Automated adding of rows & columns
  • Automated identification of patterns in data
  • Automated data enrichment
  • Automated email creation
  • Automated form creation

Automated Workflow Capabilities

ZIPPYDOC uses flow capabilities so you can combine multiple ZIPPYDOC functions to create powerful workflows in Excel which solve your business issues quickly, securely, and without programming knowledge.

  • Leverage ZIPPYDOC’s unique capabilities to source, manipulate, manage and output more data, more often, to gain new insights and create more value for your organisation.
  • Create and save your own workflows to reduce your workload when running complex analyses and reports on a regular basis.
  • Schedule your flows to run automatically when you need them, allowing you and your staff to focus on other valuable activities.

Render a business plan in seconds


You don’t have time? Analysis24 is offering Controlling on demand. Analysis24 is a service of ZIPPYDOC GmbH. We support you to achieve your results quickly and enable you to do it yourself with the ZIPPYDOC platform

Power Platform for Data Analysts

As a data analyst, you can create data workflows using the ZIPPYDOC platform. In doing so, you link tables and tasks.

If you need a special task, you can create your own task using Python and SQL and add it to the task gallery.

Task Marketplace

All ZIPPYDOC tasks are public source.* You are invited to review, post contributions or modifications to existing tasks or create new tasks. Enjoy being a member of a growing community that adds powerful tasks and features to the ZIPPYDOC task marketplace day by day. Feel invited to contribute your own tasks or ideas.

* Except for those Tasks that are marked with a third party logo. For Tasks that refer to third party apps, the third party license conditions apply.


Earn more money with your own software solution by using the ZIPPYDOC Platform.

ZIPPYDOC is a great platform to integrate your App into Excel. Feel free to propose your own application to be added to the ZIPPYDOC Gallery. Our task developers will help you to setup your own ZIPPYDOC task. Please contact us in case of interest and to discuss a mutually benefitial business model for you and our customers.