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Advanced Excel Addin to provide solution for data analysis and big data management for MS Excel


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    ZippyDoc allows automated file access across the network, merging of tables of data, find & replace data, data transposition, adding of rows & columns, identification of patterns in data & more.

    Automated Workflow


    ZIPPYDOC uses flow capabilities so you can combine multiple ZIPPYDOC functions to create powerful workflows in Excel which solve your business issues quickly, securely, and without programming knowledge.

    Secure Communication
    of Excel Spreadsheets


    Share spreadsheets securely and easily with selected colleagues and with third parties. Lock and hide tables, rows, columns and worksheets so that only the people you want to share your data with can see it.

    Discover Powerful Features to Boost Your Productivity

    Powerful features for Excel spreadsheets that help you generate new insights and create value without the need for complex databases.

    Enterprise-Strength Data Management for Excel

    Enhanced Excel Data Management Delivers New Insights

    Share Excel Securely

    Save Time with ZIPPYDOC

    Save Money with ZIPPYDOC

    User Groups

    We are offering solutions that embed in the current working environment of the users

    Finance teams staff can use to manage their travel and work expenses efficiently, transparently, and quickly.

    As a data analyst, you can create data workflows using the ZIPPYDOC platform. In doing so, you link tables and tasks.

    Take your favourite desktop application to the next level by seamlessly delivering additional Excel-based functionality.

    You need to print a series-pdf based on data in your database or in your Excel-Sheets.

    ZIPPYDOC provides a solution, where all task are logged, so every action can be reconciled.

    ZIPPYDOC is a Datawarehouse Platform that is using Excel as Frontend-Application for this Data Warehouse.




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