ZIPPYDOC for Excel

Take your favourite desktop application to the next level by seamlessly delivering additional Excel-based functionality. Manage larger data sets, discover new insights, and collaborate with your colleagues and partners to solve your important business challenges.

Unique & Advanced Functionality for Excel

  • Automated file access across your network & the internet
  • Automated merging of tables of data
  • Automated find & replace data
  • Automated data transposition
  • Automated adding of rows & columns
  • Automated identification of patterns in data
  • Automated data enrichment
  • Automated email creation
  • Automated form creation

Automated Workflow Capabilities

ZIPPYDOC uses flow capabilities so you can combine multiple ZIPPYDOC functions to create powerful workflows in Excel which solve your business issues quickly, securely, and without programming knowledge.

  • Leverage ZIPPYDOC’s unique capabilities to source, manipulate, manage and output more data, more often, to gain new insights and create more value for your organisation.
  • Create and save your own workflows to reduce your workload when running complex analyses and reports on a regular basis.
  • Schedule your flows to run automatically when you need them, allowing you and your staff to focus on other valuable activities.

Secure Communication of Excel Spreadsheets

Use ZIPPYDOC’s unique capabilities to share your spreadsheets securely with your colleagues and partners in your supply chain.

  • Lock and hide tables, rows, columns and worksheets so that only the people you want to share your data with can see it.
  • Exchange your ZIPPYDOC spreadsheets securely to keep your version control under control.
  • Full auditability and transparency – see who changed your data and when.
  • ZIPPYDOC utilises industry standards to deliver its services including ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and GDPR.

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